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IT processes are highly transactional as they receive several requests in a day. Sometimes, the number of requests is so high that it becomes difficult for the team to complete all the requests in a single day.

The promise of RPA is not only minimizing mundane, repetitive tasks, making workflows simpler, easily integrating with diverse set of applications but also minimizing resolution time with increased quality and compliance.

Heatmap for IT

High Automation Potential

Medium Automation Potential

Low Automation Potential

Master Data Management

Data quality

Data Integration

Meta Data Management

Database Management


Database Systems

Database Administration

Database Storage

Database Security

Application request

Application Development

Change request

Application testing

Environment Setup

Load Testing

Acceptance Testing

Integration Testing

Application Maintenance



Application Inventory

Use case

Provisioning new users

Minimize resolution time by

50 – 90%



Service quality increase


Virtual assistant?

Our virtual assistant can gather the information both online and on your applications and automate the reporting to health institutions and to the public (to estimate risk level in their areas, in real time).

Other examples

  • Password reset
  • Contract Management
  • Software asset management
  • Client software distribution
  • Smart routing
  • Reporting

Our mission is to put your teammates at the centre of digital transformation. Our will is to support our clients whatever their size to derive the greatest benefits from digital transformation, improving productivity and employees’ work environment.


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