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Lila Benhammou, CEO of Humans4help “A company has to transform itself or dies”.

For Lila Benhammou, CEO of Humans4help, the decrease of the company profit caused by the crisis could be balanced by more efficient processes. What should we do after this crisis? How to deliver new services? What is your observation of the companies hit by the crisis? In this crisis we distinguish two categories of

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“Companies which are not digitalized and automated enough can’t survive in our new world”

Pascal Bornet is a recognized expert and pioneer in the field of intelligent automation (IA). He founded and led the IA practices for Mckinsey & Company and Ernst & Young (EY), where he drove hundreds of IA transformations across industries. He is a member of the Forbes Technology Council and he was awarded Global

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Humans4help : delivering intelligent automation solutions

The Fortune 200 companies are losing $237 billion a year due to the failure to find and eliminate inefficiencies in their processes. Inspiring from which, Humans4Help serves with the mission to improve the processes to tackle those inefficiencies towards business outcomes. The company believes in delivering better with less. Humans4Help is specialized in Data

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IDC: “Every organisation should develop an automation strategy in 2021”

“Think of technologies like RPA as using automation to bring yesterday’s systems into the ‘present’ of work:” why IDC’s taking part in UiPath’s upcoming Reboot Work Festival  Later this month (December 15 to 17 inclusive), Robotic Process Automation (RPA) market leader UiPath is hosting a special ‘Reboot Work Festival’. The virtual event’s aim: highlight

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Few Ways 2020 Will Shape The Future Of Automation

Here are some predictions for the enterprise automation sector: Citizen developers will go back to the drawing board. In 2019, Gartner predicted that 2020 would be the year of the citizen developer. The vision was that thanks to no-code or low-code software, anyone could become an RPA developer. But the hard, cold truth is that the

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RPA is a unique career opportunity for people with autism (Rocking Robots)

During the Reboot Work Festival yesterday various aspects of the relationship between humans and robots were discussed. One of the underexposed aspects in this theme is the unprecedented opportunities that the development of robots offers for people with autism. UiPath therefore presented a video that highlights this special part of the relationship between humans and machines.

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