Supply chain

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For supply chain and logistics, RPA offers a unique value: helping businesses execute core processes 5-10 times faster with 37% less resources.

RPA can improve supply chain management and logistics by automating repetitive time-consuming tasks such as data entry or transportation follow-up.

Heatmap for Supply chain

High Automation Potential

Medium Automation Potential

Low Automation Potential


Report generation

Data quality check

Automated communication

Activity planning


Supplier profile creation

Repositories updating

Invoices handling

Contracts management


Compliance management

Elimination management

Data reporting

Inventory management


Shipment management

Transportation vectors selection

Reception and verification

Information transmission

Returns handling

Automated control of returns

Return tracking

Claim processing

User feedback automation


Management policies


Indicator generation

Automated help for decisions

Use case

Automating shipment

Savings in shipment


Manual checking stations replaced by 1 robot


Reduction of processing time


Challenges addressed

  • Obsolete technology
  • Customer dissatisfaction due to late deliveries
  • Delay in responding to queries
  • Inability to trace the shipment on a regular basis

Other use cases

  • Predictive maintenance
  • Purchase order management
  • Inventory management

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